Movie • 10 min 15 sec • Drama 

Completed Jul 2016

When a promiscuous young gay man experiences extreme hypnagogic dreams in which he re-experiences his corrupted childhood, lost faith, wilted ambition and failed romantic relationships: aspects of his life he believes are linked to his homosexuality, he emerges with new insights that permit him to decipher between false and true love.


African, LGBTQ, Student Film


Hypnagogia’ follows the story of KK, a young gay South African who is transported to the far reaches of his sub-conscious by acute sleep paralysis. Here he is reminded of his failed interpersonal connections through intensely lucid hypnagogic experiences. His strained relationships are stretched even further when he has to choose between love and illusion. His subconscious, together with elements of his immediate physical reality, send KK in search of reconciliation with his tainted childhood, lost faith and outward lack of emotional intelligence. Will he find the acceptance he is in desperate need of?

d there for what felt like hours (because they were). I've promised to name my first child after her
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Behind The Scenes
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The purpose of the film, beyond acting as a tool for representing the LGBIT (lesbian gay bisexual intersex and transgender) community, is a story of resilience, discovered in the face of a personal threat to self-actualisation and identity. It is an example of how a foreign view of a personal subject can forge new ground in developing new perspectives while fostering positive social change in its endeavour to humanise the image of the members of the LGBTI community. 


Meet the team behind the #FilmStudentsDoItBetter movement who created and produced HYPNAGOGIA

Silas Miami

The creator and Director of Hypnagogia

Silas Miami is the creator and director of HYPNAGOGIA. Having experienced the unique phenomenon himself, he was challenged to create a story in which a character's life is be altered because of it.

Carly Sam


Widely regarded as the captain of the ship, Carly has produced some of the most amazing student productions in Cape Town.

Toni Paulsen

Sound Designer

"HYPNAGOGIA, to me, brings to light the humanisation of LGBTI community and as an ally I find this imperative in the day and age we live in. It is telling people of the LGBTI community to celebrate who they are.


 It does it in a refreshing and beautiful way that should make the product a picturesque visual and engaging, audible experience."

Andrea Kloppers

Costume Make-up and Styling

"In essence, Hypnagogia tells the story of an individual, emphasizing his humanity
and shedding light on the
internal conflict that many homosexual people and members of the LGBTI community find themselves dealing with.

Therefore, the film provides an empowering platform for individuals, motivating an acceptance and celebration of all people within society regardless of sexual and/or gender orientation- This is the beauty and effectivity of the message the production aims communicate."

Damian Maher


Upon first hearing the concept of the film, I was intrigued by the way in which it aimed to explore sleep paralysis and the interesting ways in which it proposed to examine how our dreams can reflect our lives in different, meaningful perspectives. I have always been fascinated by dreams and how they can inspire one’s life or reveal sub-conscious thought in mysterious, fantastical ways. The human mind is fascinating, especially when it comes to analysing itself. This also allows for a very cerebral type of editing. Dreams and thoughts come and go in a very frequent, inconsistent manner, so constructing a film around such turbulent mental places and atmospheres is a very exciting prospect.

James Randriamandrato


" The aim is to steer the audience into focusing on the narrative specifically, as this film is made for the importance of the story and it’s meaning, and not simply because a film needs to be made. A story is being told and ‘Hypnagogia’ wants you to hear it loud and clear."

Alto De Kock

Production Designer

"My personal feelings about the script and the concept is that I feel this is a relevant issue in this world and that this project is not just relevant to South Africans but is a relevant topic globally. Silas Miami has out done himself once again with a great and relatable script. Hypnogogia is focusing on a concept that most people and students deal with in today’s society."

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