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Silas Miami
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S I L A S  M I A M I is a Kenyan filmmaker and creative consultant.

He has directed, written, and co-written several film projects - including SUPAMODO (2018) LUSALA (2019), and DISCONNECT (2019). He holds a BA in Motion Picture from AFDA (Cum Laude – Valedictorian), a BA Hons. in Film Studies from the University of Cape Town (First Class), and an MA in Media Theory and Practice (with distinction), also from UCT, as a Mandela-Rhodes scholar.


As a ‘writer for hire’ over the years, Silas has crafted truthful and

beautiful projects that have served to celebrate and bring light to the

endless glory of African storytelling. But these incredible works have, ultimately, served only a fraction of the kind of culturally specific cinematic translation he is currently committed to exploring on screen. Now, his focus remains exclusively trained on producing the kinds of stories that only he can create. These stories are largely inspired by his lived experiences and are framed around his identity markers: 

                         Queer. Black. African.

He believes his gift, the ability to craft truthful reflections in narrative form, is his ancestral inheritance - passed down to him through generations, as part of his genetic heritage. He hopes, through his creative work, to carve out worlds that celebrate identity and cultural ownership as forms of resistance and celebration.


He currently resides in Amsterdam with his life partner, Patrick, and their lazy chocolate lab, Monster.


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